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Piece of the Week – 7/18/2014

This week I have for you a symphony by my favorite composer alive today, David Maslanka. This is his second overall, but his first for wind symphony as well as his first in the style that made him famous. You can listen to the whole thing here:!/album/Works+By+Stamp+Krumenauer+and+Maslanka/5072901

I was fortunate enough to see Dr. Maslanka in person a few years ago during my junior year in college. It wasn’t to rehearse anything; the directors had both bands sit in the auditorium while he spoke to us about his composing process. For those of you who are also band geeks: everything you’ve heard about his personality is true. He’s very chill, very soft-spoken, very zen, and kind of eccentric – but it doesn’t matter because he still writes better music than you.
I wasn’t able to meet him when he finished his talk; I looked away for a split second and looked up again to see that three composition majors had instantly materialized right in front of him. I had to grab lunch so I could get to work on time.


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Piece of the Week 12/6/2013

Got another Richard Strauss piece for you. This time it’s one of his earlier pieces, the 2nd symphony.

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