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Asshat of the Year

Asshat of the Year

Circa the year 2000, sometime when I was between 4th and 6th grade, the students of my hometown were visited by a motivational speaker named Justin Lookadoo.  He was loud, he was obnoxious, I don’t remember a damned thing he said, just that he kept squawking on and on about leading a life that ROCKS!!!!!!!

Today, I was stunned to find out that this man, who I was certain would be changing oil somewhere by now, is still at it.  On top of that, he appears to have evolved from random hyperactive man-child to full-fledged “Lookadouche” as he is being called lately on Twitter.

So now that I know what kind of person he really is, it’s small wonder he was invited to my small, rural Texas town.


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