Rey Revisited: Another Look at Swimwear and Modesty

Last year, I wrote a short article criticizing actress-turned-entrepreneur Jessica Rey in response to her semi-viral presentation on QIdeas (sort of a Christianized TED for those who are unfamiliar), in which she touts the business she owns, Rey Swimwear, as a solution to a number of social problems she blames on current swimwear styles. As you can imagine, I disagreed strongly enough to put out my own rebuttal online, detailing exactly what I thought of it (TL;DR – It’s short-sighted, self-righteous, and reeks of confirmation bias – buy her product if you like it, but it will do exactly dick to solve the problem in question).

At some point, Rachel Held Evans, ironically enough a blogger and speaker straight out of QIdeas itself, posted her own rebuttal, which I must concede is far superior to mine in terms of articulating the position I subscribe to. She makes a few points that should have occurred to me but didn’t, such as – y’know – tying her argument back to that whole scripture thing. It’s definitely worth a read:

Edit: For some reason embedding didn’t work, so here’s the URL.


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