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Piece of the Week – 10/24/2014

This is probably my favorite piece by world-famous contemporary composer Eric Whitacre, composed for wind band or orchestra with optional choir. I hope you enjoy Equus.


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Piece of the Week – 10/17/2014

This one’s for the percussion types. It’s Michael Torke’s work for marimba and orchestra, Mojave.

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Rey Revisited: Another Look at Swimwear and Modesty

Last year, I wrote a short article criticizing actress-turned-entrepreneur Jessica Rey in response to her semi-viral presentation on QIdeas (sort of a Christianized TED for those who are unfamiliar), in which she touts the business she owns, Rey Swimwear, as a solution to a number of social problems she blames on current swimwear styles. As you can imagine, I disagreed strongly enough to put out my own rebuttal online, detailing exactly what I thought of it (TL;DR – It’s short-sighted, self-righteous, and reeks of confirmation bias – buy her product if you like it, but it will do exactly dick to solve the problem in question).

At some point, Rachel Held Evans, ironically enough a blogger and speaker straight out of QIdeas itself, posted her own rebuttal, which I must concede is far superior to mine in terms of articulating the position I subscribe to. She makes a few points that should have occurred to me but didn’t, such as – y’know – tying her argument back to that whole scripture thing. It’s definitely worth a read:

Edit: For some reason embedding didn’t work, so here’s the URL.

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Piece of the Week – 10/10/2014

Sorry it’s late again.
About 2-1/2 years ago, I had the privilege of hearing this piece live and conducted by the composer himself. In his introduction, he noted that the piece features an alternation between slow, heavenly music, to represent light, and fast, intense, dissonant music to represent darkness. I hope you enjoy Frank Ticheli’s masterful work for soprano and wind symphony, Angels in the Architecture.

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Anonymous Compassion

Having a rough day? Faith in humanity needing a boost? Watch what happens when an Anonymous protest in Nottingham, UK, comes across a homeless man.

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Piece of the Week – 10/3/2014

Here’s an interesting composition: a Celtic-style piece for concert band by Michael Sweeney.


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