Astral Projection: Round 2

This time it was unplanned.  I had just spent the whole day moving 300 miles away from where I was, so I was completely exhausted.

At one point during the night, I became aware that my head was buzzing intermittently at a fairly slow rate, I’d say about 35-40bpm.  Soon, it became a continuous buzz, at which point I thought to myself, “Perhaps I can try leaving my body again.”  With that, I lifted gracefully into the air and fell back down, not once but twice.

I decided I would be ready for the third one.  When it came, and through a great deal of air treading, I aimed myself at the wall, struck a Superman pose, and managed to get as far as 20 may be even 30 inches outside the building before waking myself up.

Progress has been made.  I’m so excited.


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