A boy in the Egyptian street explains a few things about politics

This kid’s got it figured out.

21st Century Theater

Amongst many other things, this very bright kid is demonstrating a few elements missing from most discourse – or hell, I’ll say it: most people – these days (in every country, especially the good ol’ u.s. of a): common sense, the ability to think critically, and an analysis based on progressive ideals and human needs – you know, like justice, equality…
Frankly, I don’t care if he’s an anomaly, just think about him. Now think about an average american kid drooling in front of a video game eight hours a day. Garbage in, garbage out…

His first line applies world-wide: “I’m here to help prevent Egypt from becoming a commodity owned by one person.”
Change “one person” to “a handful of people” and you describe many countries. When you change it to “a handful of corporations” you get even closer to describing the world’s problem. Now add religious fundamentalism. If…

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