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What the Manning Case Says about America

Warning: disturbing images

Youtube vlogger StormCloudsGathering sums it up nicely. It’s insanity like this that makes me ashamed of my government. Please pass this along.


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John Williams on Scoring Star Wars Episode VII

So apparently he’s coming back to score the sequels – at 81 no less (83 in 2015).
What do you guys think – if he leaves this world before he does all three, who should be his successor? I’d get John Ottman; he handled Superman Returns quite well; the music was the most exciting thing about that movie.

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New Jersey Governor: Libertarianism a “Dangerous Idea”

New Jersey Governor: Libertarianism a “Dangerous Idea”

Chris Christie is officially on my bad side.

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Piece of the Week – 7/26/2013

Bizet’s L’arlésienne Suite No. 2

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Astral Projection?

For those of you who don’t know, astral projection is basically a self-induced out-of-body experience.  I’ve always been fascinated with astral projection – as well as its cousin lucid dreaming – ever since finding out about it sometime last year.

I made several attempts at the feat last summer, only one of which led to a sort of pseudo-success in which I was looking towards the door in my mind, but it appeared as a faint outline against a dark background.

Afterwards, I gave up on it for several months.

This summer, I have picked it back up.  After several more failed attempts, at about 5:30am CDT this morning, I finally reached the point that confirmed to me that out of body experiences are indeed possible.

Don’t get your hopes up, I only got halfway out.  Head buzzing – check.  Ears static-ing – check.  I opened my eyes slightly to see my vantage point bobbing around just above where my head was supposed to be, with at least one of my feet in the air above the covers.  But then my throat began to close up.  I didn’t expect that, so I ended it there so I could review the process the following day.

It reminded me of trying to do sit-ups in 1st-grade gym class.  I had next to no abdominal strength back then – and similarly, I require practice.

Questions, comments, suggestions?  Don’t be shy.  I know at least a couple of you are into this stuff.

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400 Companies That DO NOT Use GMOs in Their Products

400 Companies That DO NOT Use GMOs in Their Products | | Healthy News and Information.

Confused on who to buy your [real] food from?  Here’s a neat little list to help you.

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Norwegian Politician: Porn Causing Problems Naturism Can Solve

Norwegian Politician Advocates For More Natural Nudity.

This excellent op-ed kind of drives home something I’ve already known for years.

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